World Water Week 2021

Join us for the most important World Water Week ever!

On 25 January, World Water Week 2021 opened the Call for Proposals ahead of the conference on 23-27 August. This year, convening organizations are invited to help solve five of the world’s greatest challenges. Learn more here about how you can host a session that really makes a difference.

World Water Week has never been more important. The pandemic has exposed how vulnerable our societies really are, with deep inequalities that are likely to grow as the climate crisis escalates. We need to build back better to reach the sustainable development goals, slash carbon emissions, and reverse biodiversity loss – in less than a decade.

This will demand problem solving and innovation on an epic scale and World Water Week has an important role to play. As the leading event for water, with sessions from major organizations, World Water Week provides a much-needed meeting place where people from across the world can collaborate and learn from each other.

To facilitate this, World Water Week 2021 looks a bit different compared to previous years.

First of all – it will be a digital event. This will ensure that the Week takes place despite the pandemic, helping to sustain momentum towards global action on water by bringing together people and solutions from around the world with the mission to work together to accelerate our progress.

Second, with the thematic scope Building Resilience Faster, we focus on major transformations that need to take place. Water plays a vital role in all of them, but the transformations also relate to other fields such as food, energy, security, climate, and many others. In 2021, it is more important than ever for World Water Week to serve as a collaborative space for people from many different backgrounds.

Third, World Water Week has developed new session formats and tools for greater impact. All sessions will be organized around five key challenges:

  • Building resilient and fair societies
  • Working together with nature
  • Transforming our value chains
  • Rethinking our cities
  • Investing in systemic change

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