The Global Water Forum EGWF is a non-profit association supporting the sustainability goals SDG6.

The Global Water Forum EGWF is a non-profit association. Its purpose is to support the sustainability goals SDG6 of the United Nations, clean water and sanitation, through a global think tank of scientists and entrepreneurs to make water issues known to a broad public, and sustain aid projects with their donations. Since although the earth is 71 percent covered by water, 97 percent of it is salt water. Only one percent of the world’s water supplies is available as drinking water. Drinking water is scarce and extremely unevenly distributed. With resolution 64/292 in 2010, the UN General Assembly recognized access to clean water as a human right.  Are you interested in joining our vision?

Our Mission

Our Mission is the promotion of information on healthy drinking water and hygiene as a human right and the SDG6 among the population in Europe and in the world. 

Our Vision

The Global Water Forum e.V. works towards the sustainability goals SDG6 of the United Nations, clean water and sanitation in Europe and worldwide.

Our Values

We believe in urgent action, innovation, and the necessity of transformation within the world and our own organization.

What we do

Team Years of
Our EGWF Team brings in a lot of experience.
Our Members are based in many countries around the world,
We are providing an support to WASH projects.
We are thankful for all members supporting EGWF

meet our team

EIT, Board Member
AgriFood, Ecosystem Developer
Journalist, Freelance
Karavan Consulting, Managing Director
geotraunkirchen, Hydrogeologe
FM Bauträger, Owner
Ideations, Founder
Ideations, Partner
Youth Governor, Kenya
Zabantu, Managing Director
Owner Natural Mineral Water wells

our sponsors

Global Water Forum EGWF e.V., Dr. Johannes Pfaffenhuemer, Ufer 19, 4982 Kirchdorf am Inn -Austria