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Highly motivated members enter the Global Water Forum as it is a meeting place, a network and global think tank of scientists, medical trainers and entrepreneurs, aid organizations and people of good will. 

We need engaged members

Our members are working worldwide towards the United Nations sustainability goals SDG6, clean water and sanitation. Members have the ability to grow their water knowledge and enter a network and a modern community of around the world. Our global think tank  with an expertise on water, drinking water, quality, water supply, properties of water.

We need your help

All of our members receive a certified Global Water Forum Award seal to represent for example the exclusive status of a member or a water ambassador. A considerable part of the aid projects should be implemented through meaningful cooperation. Member find a rapidly growing and sustainable sector of water that fits their goals and with a donation help in our mission for aid projects.

  • Support UN Agenda 2030
  • UN SGD 6
  • Fresh Drinking Water
  • Hygiene and Sanitation

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