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The Global Water Forum EGWF is a non-profit association. Its purpose is to support the sustainability goals SDG6 of the United Nations, clean water and sanitation, through a global think tank of scientists and entrepreneurs to make water issues known to a broad public, and sustain aid projects with their donations.

Since although the earth is 71 percent covered by water, 97 percent of it is salt water. Only one percent of the world’s water supplies is available as drinking water. Drinking water is scarce and extremely unevenly distributed. With resolution 64/292 in 2010, the UN General Assembly recognized access to clean water as a human right.

The non-profit organisation Global Water Forum e.V. works towards the sustainability goals SDG6 of the United Nations, clean water and sanitation in Europe and worldwide. A considerable part of the Global Water Forum e. V. WASH aid projects are to be implemented through cooperation with aid oriented associations, companies, research facilities, institutions and your donations in Europe and worldwide. 

WASH: WA-ter, S-anitary and H-ygienic.
With its WASH projects, the Global Water Forum EGWF global think tank of scientists and entrepreneurs helps make known healthy clean drinking water aid projects to a broad public and sustain them through donations.

Our members are working worldwide towards the United Nations sustainability goals SDG6, clean water and sanitation. Members have the ability to grow their water knowledge and enter a network and a modern community of around the world. Our global think tank  with an expertise on water, drinking water, quality, water supply, properties of water.

Questions about Water?

The surface of our blue planet Earth is two-thirds covered with water. But more than 97% of the Earth’s total water is saltwater and only 2.5% freshwater. In turn, two-thirds of the fresh- water is ice at the poles and therefore not accessible to us as drinking water. Thus, just one third of the world’s fresh water supply is available to us as drinking water, which is 0.83%.

Water shortage is one of our biggest problems on earth. The supply of fresh water on the earth does not increase. In addition, stocks are distributed unevenly on the globe. Even today, over one billion people have no access to clean drinking water. While water scarcity has long been a problem in North Africa and the Middle East, there are also signs of a lack of drinking water in Europe (eg Spain and Italy), which will continue to increase in the next 15 years

Questions about EGWF?

EGWF is only using trustworthy professional donation platforms and payment providers for processing your donations.

Currently EGWF can process wired donations and PayPal. We are working on adding more payment providers in the near future.

Our message is global, the access to fresh drinking water, sanitary and hygiene are global challenges. That is why the website language and also the projects that we supporter international and our language is English.

While everyone is welcome to join us as a member, our team is comprised out of experts from business, science and politicians committed to the UN SDG6 agenda.

No, all members and team members are volunteering. 

Any Question?

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