Water Sanitation Hygiene for Generations 

Water Sanitation Hygiene for Generations 

“Everyone can help,” says Ph.D. Dr. Johannes Pfaffenhuemer, Chairman of the Global Water Forum EGWF, “because all people on the planet should have access to clean drinking water. I realize that we rely on the help of people of goodwill, businesses, and organizations. We are about to launch new WASH-Projects (WASH: Water Sanitary Hygiene), and therefore look forward to your help!”

In its 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development SDG 6 Goal 6, the United Nations committed itself to ensure access to drinking water and sanitary facilities as a human right. There is a lot to do considering that 2.1 billion people didn’t have access to it in 2015.

Wells for Cambodia

Everyone can help. Through its WASH-Projects the Global Water Forum is committed to SDG 6 with local, national, and global partners from the public, private, and science sectors. It sustains e.g. the Association Kakihe Brunnen Wells for Cambodia. 

A new well was built this year by Fritz Kieninger from the Brunnen for Cambodia Association with the help of Water of Life, an international company Member of the Global Water Forum. Kakihe has already built 350 wells since 2019. The joy in the villagers is always indescribable when a well is installed.

Water for Kenya

The Global Water Forum sustained as well the Nashipai Kenya Association last year. During her travels, Petra Leisinger-Burns, founder of Nashipai Kenya, helps the Maasai e.g. by building wells or filling empty water tanks. When there is a drought, people have to walk for hours to the water tanks. The Wottazela campaign 2020 asked the Maasai on the WASH topic.

Water for generations

With its motto “Water for Generations” the Global Water Forum regards to a sustainable future and quality drinking water available to the generations to come. The importance of a clean drinking water supply is becoming even more urgent with the covid-19 pandemic. Any donation you kindly give will go to support these, or similar projects, and enable the Water for Generations Work of the Global Water Forum EGWF. Everyone can help.


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