Lake Victoria Circular Economy

The Project 
Lake Victoria is the largest artisanal and commercial inland fishing site in the East African region and produces around 1 million metric tonne of fish per year. With an expanding domestic and exports market, fishery sector in the region has continued to gain increasing importance in addressing food and nutrition security, employment, and economic development. The fisheries provide direct employment for more than 800,000 people, and the income generated from the fisheries support the livelihoods of more than 3 million people. Therefore, efforts that can contribute towards sustainable management of Lake Victoria fish value chain is justified. 

The Ambition
The ambition is to create a Circular Economy around the Lake Victoria region. The Consortium will not only provide sustainable energy but will also focus on the productive uses of energy. The renewable energy created by solar will not only be used to power the biogas demonstrator but also to produce clean and purified drinking water for the population, demonstrate the fish drying installation and to produce ice to preserve food and refrigeration for fish to be transported.

The Action
EGWF is a part of the Consortium and our role will the Edcuation of the  population around the lake with a clear focus on clean drinking water, sanitation and Hygiene.

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