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Massai – Clean Drinking Water – Nashipai, Kenya

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Clean drinking water through treatment for the Maasai in Naorr Enkare, Inchakita. 


Providing best possible drinking water quality from different “sources” / resources

Our work:


Water treatment in various forms in terms of salinity, bacteriological contamination, contamination by natural environmental factors such as sand, dirt, algae and others. 

Water pump, pipe and fittings for the particular treatment plant: 

– Desalination (reverse osmosis) 

– Chlorination UV system (bacteriology), 

– particle filter



Any water resource, water from a well and as surface capture of precipitation water e.g. in tanks, earth dams etc. is treated to produce clean drinking water. 

More details: Pictures, Videos, etc.

See appendix 


Save lives. Preserve culture. 

To support the health of the Maasai in Naorr Enkare, Inchakita, by providing clean drinking water to secure their lives and preserve their indigenous culture. 


Clean drinking water for the Maasai in Naorr Enkare, Inchaita and for the young livestock.


Preliminary project of well construction, for the current water supply of the Maasai in Naorr Enkare, Inchakita, has already been worked out and is in planning. 


Nashipai Kenya – Together with and for the Maasai e.V. 

Petra Leisinger-Burns, 1. board of directors 

Dr. Peter Baumgartner, expert for construction geology and hydrogeology 

Memiri Maasai Coordinator, Amboseli Naorr Enkare, Inchakita 

Bernard C. Muhangu, Consulting Hydrogeologist, Nairobi 



Project scope is 50,000 Euro to 100,000 Euro. 

Details according to available chemical analysis and finished projects for surface capture of rainwater. 


  • The opportunity would be that the Maasai in Naorr Enkare, Inchakita finally get clean drinking water to stop diseases like typhoid. We could secure (improve) their lives and preserve their culture. – Risks: Too heavily polluted water, which is difficult or impossible to treat.

Project description created on 08.02.2021 

Petra Leisinger-Burns, Board of directors; Dr. Peter Baumgartner, Hydrogeolge 

Any donation you kindly give will go to support these, or similar projects, and enable the Water for Generations Work of the Global Water Forum EGWF.

Global Water Forum EGWF e.V., Dr. Johannes Pfaffenhuemer, Ufer 19, 4982 Kirchdorf am Inn -Austria